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(Note: scroll down for 24 photos of our spectacular St. Pat’s benefit)

LAHAINA, Mar. 29–Considering that “people come here for the natural beauty,” Maui is being shortsighted when laws are not followed by developers or enforced by government, a leading “water scientist” told members and guests of the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset this week.

The fifth speaker in a Rotary series on the environment, Mark Deakos, executive director of the Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research, told Rotarians that our reefs are in danger from sediment from the land that is filled with pollutants, herbicides and pesticides that end up in the ocean.

When water filled with sediment from pipes as tall as a man pour into the ocean, it replaces natural sand and clouds up through wave action, preventing light from reaching life nurturing coral.

One of the biggest areas at risk is Olowalu where 370 manrays and other marine animals make their home. Plans for development of Olowalu pose significant danger to the reefs unless proper procedures are followed, Deakos said.d

Water reaches the ocean through literally hundreds of pipes that stretch from Naplii to Lahaina, New technology allows for the continuous measurement of the quality of water over the world wide web if developers are willing to install it, Deako said.

Water gets to the ocean through these pipes or by flowing naturally from the land. Vegetation on the land absorbs moisture and keeps it from the ocean. When there is concrete or no vegetation, water eventually flows downhill to the sea.

Although there are a number of West Maui organizations monitoring water quality and gathering statistics, the state has only one health officer to keep track of water quality and enforce regulations in all of Maui County.

The water scientist pointed out that violation of the Cean Water Act is a criminal offense which provides for penalties of $27,000 a day for violators.

The flow of water in developments is self monitored. A land owner can walk through a property twice a week, observe that everything is ok when it may not be, and then move on., according to the association’s executive director.

To reverse many of these trends, the County of Maui as well as the state must do a much better job enforcing the laws and providing support for proper monitoring. Legisltors need to step up and pay more attention to the need for enforcement, Deakos said.



KA’ANAPALI, Mar 17–A record crowd of more than 160 Rotarians, residents and visitors celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at sunset in benefit to support club’s Go for the Green recycling initiative. (New post replaces slide show some could not view)..



The Royal Lahaina Resort dished up ono food and them the JD Rock band played all evening as we danced into the night. Proceeds support the club’s 8-month Go For the Green recycling initiative. st pats B - 1Former Co-President Liz May of 5A Rent-A-Space (center) and her team played key role in coordinating ticket sales and as shown here a large auction. Also recognized at the event for his great work included former Co-president Jim Fahenstock (not shown). All were supported by hard working club members. 



LAHAINA–1/1/16–Recycling, Good Bank, Women Helping Women, Helping the homeless plus good speakers and socials.
These were the major activities of the year for out club. And you saw many of these events this year as this blog went over the 500o mark in views. 

Highlights: We ran six community Go for the Green recycling events accepting everything from cardboard to computers, , batteries to bicycles and much more , filling huge containers and accepting individuals item to truckloads.   SEE THE SLIDE SHOW BELOW FOR A PHOTO SLIDE SHOW.

We walked in women’s heals to support battered women, collected can goods and money for the food bank, helping with the Relay for Line benefit, and more. We had sun too;

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June 30, The one-year-old Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset this evening inaugurated its second president, Sandy Schneider of the Starwood Vacation Ownership, succeeding Co presidents Jim Fahnestock and Liz May.  Jenelle Van Eynde-Root, an independent consultant specializing in  International Development also became president-elect for 2016-2017.

Liz May (Below) bestows lei on new president Sandy Schneider

rotary induction - 1 (1)




Lahaina, April 26–Nine members of the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset Sunday raised narly $750 and collected 1o boxes of food in support of the Maui Food Bank.     The  Food Bank, formed in 1994,  serves 10,000 people a month are food insecure and distributes  food to the needy in Maui County including the rural communities of Hana, Molokai and Lanai.

 Particiating Rotarians included Jenelle, Phylecia, Saman, Heidi

Sandra Jim, Sue and KatieRosemary a potential member. 
Jackie Favors is community relations chair.     Jackie Favors photo   (ALSO POSTED ON OUR COMMUNITY SERVICE PAGE)



KA’ANAPALI–The club’s a Go for the Green” St. Patrick’s Day golf tournament and gala dinner, its first, raised a substantial sum to support recycling in West Maui, nearly meeting its target revenues . It is now  moving forward on its first eco project with a beach cleanup 

Some 40 golfers competed with prizes and 150 dinner guests purchased some 100-auction items and danced to the music of Fred’s Garage Band,

Hard working Rotarian Renee Ward, fund raising chair for Go for the Green, checks on  golf progress

Hard working Rotarian Renee Ward, fund raising chair for Go for the Green, checks on golf progress

 The winning golf team  best team with low net included Golfers awarded prizes include   Jim Gottwald,  Luke Hoffseth, Kacey Root, and  Ben Willis. The team for the low scoring will renameless.

Going for the Green at tournament

Going for the Green at tournament

Since figuring out how to support improve the environment in West Maui, the club is currently studying was the funding can be used in coordination with other groups and hopes to complete a plan by June 30.

 Meanwhile residents and visitors are invited to join an Earth Day beach cleanup led by the club Wednesday, April 22, 5 to 6 p.m. Community volunteers are asked to meet at 5 p.m. at the Lahaina Jodo Mission parking area, 12 Ala Moana Street near Mala Wharf. Teams of volunteers will clean the beach, working south from the Lahaina Jodo Mission. The club will provide trash collection bags, plastic gloves and bottled water for volunteers. The cleanup will last one hour.

“This Earth Day beach cleanup gives those who are concerned about the environment an opportunity to pitch in and do something positive”, said Co=President Liz May.

To ensure ample supplies are on hand for the cleanup, volunteers are asked to register by calling co-president Jim Fahnestock at 808/214-5282.

Who are the greatest dancers on Maui and where did they dance?

Renee Ward, event chair, is bathed in a beam of light after a very busy few weeks

Renee Ward, event chair, is bathed in a beam of light after a very busy few weeks

March 17, Kaanapali, Maui Rotarians at the new Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset know how to have fun.In its inaugural fund-raiser to support recycling, its 23 charter members brought together some of the best dancers in paradise at our St. Patrick;s Day shindig that surpassed the pre-event hype.  Photos by Norm Bezane, Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset.

Sunset is in our name but we are beginning a new tradition on Maui.

Fred's Garage bamd rocked the house



rotary sign IMG_0581



rotary golf IMG_0526
Kaanapali, March 16–The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset kicked off its first ever fund raiser with a spectacular event that will rank as the party of the year. Golf was only the beginning and rare has been the on line coverage of these scramble events.  Watch this space for all the festivities, including ca video of the best dancing seen in West Maui in years. (Part one) FIRST OF DOZENS OF PHOTOS TO BE POSTED HERE. Voices of Maui Talk Story, Llc photos. 

Facing the ocean on Royal Kaanapali

Facing the ocean on Royal Kaanapali

Enjoy this preview: the rock band that you shouldn’t miss appearing at our Go for the Green recycling benefit MARCH 14

STRIKE UP THE BAND: See the rehearsal video of the band and bagpiper mentioned in the March 5 Lahaina News (see below)/ Click on the link below to go to You Tube, then search for Fred’s Garage Band Go for the Green.


A BAND and a Bagpipper

Voices of Maui • Beyond the Beach

March 5, 2015
BY NORM BEZANE , Lahaina News

KAANAPALI – Have you ever seen a bagpiper play with a rock band? Probably not; certainly not on Maui.

The awesome Fred’s Garage band (founder Fred no longer plays in the group) is setting a new standard for rock and roll in West Maui and will play with bagpiper Roger McKinley at a new Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset golf-dinner gala on March 14.

Lahaina Music rocked after hours last week as the band and bagpiper rehearsed. The combination may help the gala surpass the popular “Savor the Sunset” benefits for the Lahaina Public Library renovation sponsored by Sunset’s sister afternoon club.

Everyone associated with Fred’s Garage is an example of the remarkable people we have here on the West Side.

Frenetic drummer Ray Chin is an accomplished real estate agent by day.

Jason Jerome, who plays bass guitar, owns Lahaina Music and gives free ukulele lessons at Lahaina Cannery Mall and resorts.

“The experience of playing with a bagpiper makes things interesting. It can be boring playing the same songs all the time,” Jerome said.

Lead guitarist Mark Jackson, who started surfing in Southern California at age eight, is considered one of the most seasoned guitar players on the local Maui music scene, according to the band’s website.

The Rotary event, called “Go for the Green,” is spearheaded by an energetic committee headed by interior designer Renee Ward, also a new member of the club.

Co-president Liz May, who is the club’s “auction queen,” has run auctions at both the afternoon and evening clubs. When she’s not busy running 5A Rent A Space, May supports Women Helping Women. She also holds recycling weekends at the storage facility up in Honokowai.

Co-president Jim Fahnestock, when not forming and presiding over the new club, heads The Vintage at Kaanapali ‘ohana condominium group, which is at work building a greater sense of community.

The “Go for the Green” event is not to be missed. Bring your dancing shoes or go barefoot. And by the way, there is golf with it, too. Call May at 669-5200 or Google “Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset” to see the rehearsal band in action.

Go For The Green FINAL Flyer for public distribution