The new Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset charter in the fall of 2014 is Maui’s 10th Rotary Club, the 50th in Hawaii District 5000, joining sister Lahaina clubs the Rotary Club of Lahaina (the afternoon  club) and Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise, our evening club.

The club is unique in that it holds two rather than four speaker events per month, holds a community service acitivity the third week, and builds good will and better friendships by holding a social and a leading venue on the fourth Friday.

The club’s uniqueness also extends to its membership.  Sixteen of the 23 charter members are women, many young professionals.  The club currently is engaging in a new membership drive.  Male members of the club are not complaining but it is hoped the club can be brought under better balance over time. 

The club welcomes political candidates and office holders as speakers because of its dedication to community.  Few people in the community are as influential as public officials.  It also believes in celebration of the Hawaii  culture and frequently schedules Kanaka Maoli as speakers  to expand the knowledge of member and guests.  

Rotarians from the Mainland and local residents are always welcome as guests.  

Recent Speakers, top to bottom: David Kapaku, Clifford Naole, Senator Roz Baker clifford ROZIMG_3562


4 responses

  1. When and where do you meet next?

    1. Tuesday first and third of month, 5 pm Royal Lahaina Resort

  2. Jennifer Strachan | Reply

    When and where do you meet?

    1. Tuesday first and third of month, 5 pm Royal Lahaina Resort

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