Sunset club Rotarians  Sandy Schneider, president and Jim Fahnestock  show just three of nearly 24 recyclable items residents can bring to Lahaina Cannery Mall Saturday

Sunset club Rotarians Sandy Schneider, president and Jim Fahnestock show just three of nearly 24 recyclable items residents can bring to Lahaina Cannery Mall Saturday


LAHAINA—The new Rotary Club f Lahaina Sunset and Malama Maui Nui, (MMN),   the former Community Work Day,  will launch “Go Green Recycle Third Saturday” July 18 as part of a giant  effort to bring comprehensive  recycling to West Maui.
Saturday, July 18 from 8 am to 12 p.m. and every third Saturday of the month residents will be able to recycle nearly two dozen varieties  of recyclables to bins set up in the parking lot of Lahaina Cannery Mall.
The first Go Green Recycle Third Saturday event will be capable of accepting what may be the largest array of recycles ever collected at one time in West Maui, everything from common items such as plastics and cardboard to electronics, eyeglasses and hearing aids to newspapers and magazines, scrap metal, bicycles, appliances (working or not), lawn mowers, cellular phones, household/and vehicle batteries, telephone books, reusable household items, clothing, TVs, printers, ink cartridges, photo/video cameras, and microwaves. 

Tires will also be accepted although a $5 fee drop-off  fee is suggested for  regular-size (or smaller) vehicle tires.

Some recyclables will be distributed to various non profits who recycle items such as eyeglasses and hearing aids. 

“Recyclables will be accepted  at no charge, but there will be will be no payments for cans and bottles normally redeemable for cash at county facilities,” said Malama Maui Nui Executive Director. John  de Jesus.  “We encourage donors to bring them as a donation to help support this MMN/Rotary Sunset volunteer-driven event!” MMN will do the redeeming .  

“The new program represents a giant step in supporting our mission to  educate, inspire, and empower individuals and communities to beautify and maintain Maui Nui’s environment,” according to de Jesus. 

Newly elected Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset President Sandra Schneider noted that “we will be making recycling in West Maui more convenient while also keeping tons of recyclables out of landfills”. 

About the only recycles that will not be accepted are propane tanks, green waste, furniture, trash, motor oil, hazardous fluids/waste and paint. 

 A component of the Sunset club’s “Go for the Green” initiative inaugurated by a fund raiser at the Royal Lahaina in March, Go Green Recycle Third Saturday will staffed by volunteers from Rotary as well as the co-sponsoring Malama Maui Nui.
Also supporting the effort is 5A Rent-A- Space  and Maui County, partners in the new program. 

The Third Saturday Green initiative will supplement MMN’s Mālama ‘Āina Recycling events, and recycling by the county at locations in West Maui: the Refuse & Recycling Center at Olowalu and near the historic restored Pioneer Mill smokestack on Lahainaluna Road. Hours at these two locations which sometimes change can be confirmed by calling  270-7880.

Mālama Maui Nui is one of over 600 affiliates of Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustai

n vibrant communities.
The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset  which completed its first year in June has taken on recycling as a year-long  community project.


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